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List of past symposia

Date ThemeCo-organized by
11/15-16, 2018 Harnessing Physical Forces for Medical Applications California NanoSystems Istitute Auditorium, UC Los Angeles
4/27-28, 2018 AI and the Future of Society Conference Japan Forum for Innovation & Technology, UC San Diego
2/8-9, 2018 The Political Economy of Japan Under the Abe GovernmentShorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC), Stanford University
10/31-11/1, 2017 Drive for the Nobel PrizeCJS, UC Berkeley
2/24-25, 2017 New Topics, New Technologies and New Times: Japan AheadCJS, UC Berkeley
11/4, 2016 Womenomics, the Workplace, and WomenShorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC), Stanford University
11/12-14, 2015 Socially Engaged Art in Japan: Questions for Contemporary Practice and Policy Japan Studies, University of Washington
9/29-10/1, 2015Thoughts from a birthplace of atomic bombs after 70 yearsCJS, UC Berkeley
9/17-19, 2015Japan-Mexico Global Innovation on Practical Engineering Education and Research in University-Company-Governmental Cooperation University of Guanajuato, Nagaoka University of Technology
2/27-28, 2015Histories of Children and Childhoods in Japan and Beyond Modern Japanese Cultural Studies,UC Santa Barbara
9/26-9/27, 2014Long-term Sustainability through Place-based, small-scale economiesCJS, UC Berkeley
3/8, 2014Architecture + Engineering: After 3.11CJS, UC Berkeley
9/26-27, 2013Japan Re-Examined: Perspectives Since 1973 - Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies 40th Anniversary ConferenceReischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University
8/28-30, 2013 Early Modern Japanese Values and Individuality Asia Studies, University of British Columbia
2/07-08, 2013 The Media Histories / Media Theories & East Asia CJS, UC Berkeley
11/15-16, 2012 Culture, Technology, and Transnationality in the Cold War Asia and Pacific Center for Japanese Studies,University of Hawaii, Manoa
4/27-28, 2012 Religion in the Public Sphere: Japan and the World (CJRC Inauguration Symposium) Center for Japanese Religions and Culture,University Southern California
2/6, 2012 Japan’s Information Technology Challenge: Government Policies and Market Dynamics in the Digital Age CJS, UC Berkeley
10/7-9, 2011 Japanese Imperial Maps as Sources for East Asian History: A Symposium on the History and Future of the Gaihōzu Stanford University
10/14-16, 2010 Borderlessness and Youth Culture in Contemporary Japan Dept. of East Asian Studies,McGill University
7/1, 2010 Kabuki: Negotiating Historical, Geographical, and Cultural Borders Center for Japanese Studies,University of Hawaii, Manoa
6/19-20, 2010 Climate Change and Subsistence in Prehistoric Japan CJS, UC Berkeley
10/9-11, 2009 Japan and Japanese America: Connections Across the Pacific Rim CJS, UC Berkeley
9/25-27, 2009 Tracing the Study of Japanese Buddhism CJS, UC Berkeley
5/29-30, 2009 Dis/Continuities: Nation-State Formation in Japan with Science, Technology, and Medicine during Imperialism, War, Occupation, and Peace, 1932-1962 Center for Japanese Studies,UC Los Angels
9/19-20, 2008 Prehistoric Jomon hunter-gatherers of Japan CJS, UC Berkeley
4/25-26, 2007 1st Tohoku University International Innovation Forum Tohoku University
10/13-14, 2006 Responses to Destruction in Japan: A Multi-Disciplinary Symposium CJS, UC Berkeley
2/25, 2006 Interrogating Japan’s Soft Power Center for East Asia Studies, University of Texas, Austin
9/23-24, 2005 Experiences With and Within: Christians in Japan from the 16th Century to the Present Day Asia Studies, University of British Columbia
3/19-20, 2005 The ‘Globalization’ of Japanese Studies: Southeast Asian Perspective CJS, UC Berkeley
3/19-20, 2004 Transformation of Experience: Interpreting the “Opening” of Japan CJS, UC Berkeley